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Le designer, Andrew Ashton


Cartell Music is an independent music label bringing music, other than Western sounds, to willing ears. In the process of putting words together and developing a graphic outcome, we seek to find a visual gag, or cliché within in the words, so to minimize the need for additional visual elements. An exclamation mark said – ‘hello you weirdo design nerds’, from this assemblage of letter forms and we were off to design utopia. We continued to customise the type to end up with a robust composition of lettering, which went onto develop a range of rendered variations.

From wiki – The exclamation mark was introduced into English printing in the 1400s, and was known as the “note of admiration” until the mid 1600s. This seemed the perfect symbol for a client with an ongoing admiration for exotic sounds. peoplethings.com/andblog

Post by Cartell Music 28/02/09