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Cartell Download Manifesto

A melody can take a long journey from its inception to your ears. From the first breath of a lyric, strum of a guitar or plink of a piano key to a coveted slot on your ipod, a snippet of song must make its way through a veritable maze of filters – album producers, record companies, music journalists, gig reviewers, radio programmers, DJs, hemispheres, time zones and so on – before it finds you. Or you find it.

Sometimes this filtering process can serve a purpose, turning a rough cut sound into an infectious rhythm. At other times, sounds get left behind – invariably because they don’t fit someone’s idea of what a ‘‘hit’’ should sound like. Sometimes great music hasn’t been left behind; it’s more cooling its heels out there in the musical ether, waiting for you to chance upon it. Or for someone to bring it to you.

That special someone could be Cartell Download. Our aim is to help step outside the ‘‘loop’’, so to speak. We want to introduce you to music you haven’t heard before, or perhaps you have, and it’s playing away in the dark recesses of your memory as you read. From timeless classics by artists you’re familiar with to obscure tracks from the furthest reaches of the globe – by names you’ll twist your tongue trying to pronounce and twist your hips trying to dance to – our goal is to get as many magical sounds into our musical playground as possible. Each time you visit for a swing on the monkey bars, you’ll find new music in the catalogue as it expands over time.

We’re here because we love great music. And like any adventure , musical sojourns are best shared with like-minded souls. So why not come along for the ride?

Post by Cartell Music 22/09/10