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Emilie Simon and Melanie Pain had a great time in Australia

Emilie Simon and Melanie Pain had a great time in Australia. They were touched by the warm welcomes received on stage and enjoy every minute of their performance. Twitter was buzzing with great feedback, so we’d just like to say merci to those who came along.

Here is an extract from Nick Mason’s review published in Beat magazine.

….Best known as the lead singer of the French band Nouvelle Vague, Melanie Pain first took the stage following her well-groomed smart-casual attired ensemble to provide an index of playful pop music. Pain delivers a subtle and yet truly affecting vocal performance for which she is infamous, somehow rendering even the deepest heartache just a little bit sexy. Celle de Mes Vingt Ans emerged as a cool retrospective containing a pronounced charm whilst If You Knew succeeded as a chipper, sugar sweet pop ode with a jaunty rhythm to match in predictable fashion, the crowd instantly fell under Pain’s spell and seized the chance to impose themselves on the performance when encouraged, from claps to shrills shrieks and of course warm appreciation for the songstress.

A highlight of the set was undoubtedly the rendition of Little Cowboy, a ukulele lullaby backed by four-part harmony. An impressively cohesive performance from enormously talented accompaniment and a truly stunning stage presence led the Prince to welcome Pain back on stage for an encore as the first half of the evening moved toward its delightful conclusion.

The roadies quickly filled the stage following Pain’s set, constructing the elaborate and curious setup to be utilised by Emilie Simon. It would be from one position that she would stand before the crowd, comfortable in a cockpit like hub of electronic sorcery, each component booting up like a mad scientist experiment. Joined by two additional instrumentalist left and right, Simon boasted a commanding, charismatic presence in a intricate display of electronic pop genius.

Although she draws from a textbook of sensibilities, Simon pulls together a theatrical and sublime performance with a welcome array of twists and turns that work effortlessly to engage and keep one guessing. A sonic jungle of keys, synthesisers and other gismos, the end result of Simon’s approach is expectantly refined and glamorous. Voice-modulating gadgets even adorned her wrists and it was pleasing to hear each specific component come together so masterfully.

And so the rest of the set proved quite a treat, rounding off an awesome evening.
So Frenchy, So Chic. So good.

Post by Cartell Music 27/10/10