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Emilie Simon – Franky Knight

The last time Emilie Simon composed a soundtrack she had an icy continent in mind. It was the score for The March of the Penguins and her lilting electronic score accompanied Antarctica’s Emperor Penguins on their journey through a breeding season: battling fierce storms, starvation and attacks from predatory birds. A tale of extraordinary devotion and beauty, it went on to win a host of accolades, and Simon’s score was nominated for a prestigious Cesar award.  Now her second soundtrack, Franky Knight, arrives in the shape of something far more personal. The haunting voice is still there, so too the melancholy and solitude between the plinking of strings, xylophones and piano keys. But the gravity of the album stems from a personal experience of love and loss; what began as a private musical diary to mourn the loss of a loved one has since grown into an album that celebrates the fever, madness, passion and joy of being in love. Sadness is itself an icy continent, but like the penguins, Simon finds warmth in the most inhospitable of places.  More

Emilie Simon’s music can be heard on Delicacy released nationally May 3rd. Based on David Foenkinos’ international best selling novel of the same name, Audrey Tautou is enchanting in this film that shows us we can’t choose who we fall in love with.  More

Post by Cartell Music 19/04/12