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Moriarty and Cocoon

Moriarty and Cocoon’s first Australian encounter was festive and successful. Over 2,500 people saw their performances across 4 dates (we have collected some of your feedback below). The after shows were fun, cartell is now on detox due to excess of red vino.

Both bands are keen to come back; they hearted Australia and its warm atmosphere. So we are working on it. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, listen to their music on the Cartell site. Also Cocoon & Moriarty will perform early next year on SBS during a special TV program on French music with ITV by Julia Zemiro (host of hit series RocKwiz), but we will have more on this subject later.

A big thank you to those who came along to the shows!… and our partners :)

Some of your feedback:

“Just to let you know how much I enjoyed your perfromance. The range and depth of your songs and your stage presence was a revelation. The voice of Rosemary certainly has a quality that grabs you by the scruff and bowls you over. It is a long time since a musician has been able to give me goose bumps”
“Your performance Magnifique!!!!”
“Moriarty, they were unbelievable!! We didn’t know much about them (except we all knew Jimmy from So Frenchy), now we are all madly trying to find more of their songs. They were absolutely incredible”

“You guys were awesome. Thanking you muchly for a delightful evening…”
“Congratulations on your gorgeous final gig here in little old Adelaide, and how ironic you were here the day our pandas arrived too! Fabulous bootie wiggle too M. Mark. Joyeux noel a France!”
“You were amazing last night, very entertaining, thank you!!!”
“You guys were absolutely amazing last night – honestly brilliant – and also – you are both so cute!!! how can you both be single?!?!”

Post by Cartell Music 7/12/09