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Moriarty – The Missing Room tour 09 – 17 March 2013


”A real troupe of modern bohemian gypsies, their concerts are like happenings. Free, innocent and magnificent, like music should always be.” The Guardian 

Adelaide – Saturday 9th March, Womad.

Sydney – Wednesday 13th March, Beresford upstairs.

Melbourne – Thursday 14th March, Spiegeltent.

Werribee Mansion Hotel & Spa  –  Friday 15th March

Brisbane – Saturday 16th March, Hifi Bar.

Supported by ABC Radio National


After their last sold out Australian tour and more than 600 live shows around the world, Moriarty returns to enchant old and new fans. With lead singer Rosemary’s stunning voice and the band’s seemingly effortless acoustic beauty, every Moriarty performance is one to remember. Imagine the rhythms of a 1930s Prohibition era Speakeasy, add musicians and influences from three continents and give their sound a contemporary twist. Moriarty like to tell stories and evoke momentary realms where they could come true; that’s the unique appeal of their songcraft


Rosemary Moriarty’s remarkable vocals amble over her bandmates’ sound, shifting subtly between a country-western twang and all the beauty of a classically trained vocalist. While somewhat inspired by the country music scene, Moriarty’s progressive world influences set them apart as they experiment with percussion and guitar effects that would not usually appear in the genre. The six-piece also find a balance between instrumentals and vocals, making sure that both elements play an equally important role in storytelling. Moriarty’s stripped back sound shows their audience that their music is made deliberately, with a variety of emotions hanging on each lyric, guitar riff and drum beat.


However Moriarty’s music is just a tiny insight into the world they want to communicate to their audience. The album art included in their 2011 album The Missing Room is a striking combination of classical style and influence from modern cinema. The band’s art is a thoughtful extension their music, rather than just a commercial footnote. As well as their art, Moriarty have performed alongside a theatre group, offering an extra dimension to their artistic vision.

A Moriarty show is about so much more than their music – it is a total theatrical experience. They have created an entire world in intricate detail with a commitment to exploring and perfecting their art form. They continue to sell out live performances across the world, and are sure to do the same when they return to Australia in 2013.

Post by Cartell Music 17/12/12