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My Name Mélanie Pain

While the credit is crunching, shall we turn on the sound system and drift with the melodies? This month we announce Rachid Taha upcoming tour to Australia and the release of Melanie Pain debut CD.

Mélanie Pain is best known as the lead vocalist of the French band Nouvelle Vague who seduced millions around the world with her breathy renditions of 80s pop. Now the talented chanteuse turns her musical charms to a solo career with her impressive debut, My Name.

Rachid Taha is a conjurer of songs that cross geographical, cultural and political borders. Above all he is a great showman, delivering rude-boy witticisms and hilarious insights with sweaty passion while his musicians fire off raucous rock riffs and snakey Arabic melodies.

‘There is so much energy to his music – I call it “punk Arab consciousness” – and I just wish all those guitar bands doing Talking Heads remakes would wake up and listen to what’s going on in the rest of the world’. Brian Eno

Post by Cartell Music 14/04/09