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Nadeah – Venus Gets Even

Pinot Noir and Poetry for Breakfast? That’s the sort of thing Australians imagine French people dabbling in daily. Maybe pre-GFC. With a Gauloise a la Gainsbourg. Quite fitting then that songstress Nadeah Miranda should devote a song to the national pastime on her debut solo album Venus Gets Even. She might have been born in Melbourne (hence the track I Burned A Cowboy at the Melbourne Airport) but the mischievous blonde seductress has called Paris home for a long time now. Before that came a spell in London where she fronted The Lovegods and opened for the likes of Nick Cave and Franz Ferdinand. Then she flitted across the channel, fell in with Nouvelle Vague, recorded an album and set off on a world tour as their lead vocalist. Now she’s doing her own thing, kind of, with the help of classical conductor and composer Nicola Tescari, and it’s a fun, cheeky little romp through the realms of rock, folk, blues and indie pop.  In France it’s sold over 15,000 copies and its creator has shimmied her way across the airwaves, TV and the festival circuit. The most recent being at this year’s Le Printempts de Bourges, where the Bardot lookalike seduced a crowd of 10,000. She recently blessed our shores with her incarnation of mad, wild, out-of-control charm.



Post by Cartell Music 10/04/12