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Qu’est-ce qu’il dit?

When only roughly 20% of the world speaks English as a first language, how is that English language music represents some 80% of the market share.

Here in the Cartell Music cocoon, we ponder this question often. How on earth is most of the world shawalla walla-ing along to songs they have no idea the lyrical meaning of!

Can you really enjoy music without understanding the words? Sure. It’s possible because of energy and intent. There’s something in your favourite song which grabs you and speaks to you at a much deeper level, beyond what is being sung.

Next to a sexy strumming guitar, a primal thumping drum or a jumpy double bass, lyrics and words are only part of the picture and really, there’s nothing stopping you from just feeling the music.

Your favourite band probably sings in English. Non-English speaking lovers of the same band have no idea what they are singing about and many more are boldly singing the wrong lyrics!

Sometimes though, you definitely don’t want to know what the lyrics mean. Yes, we all shudderingly remember the Macarena!

Musical intelligence is about emotion, going beyond country borders and language. We all fall in and out of love, cry and smile or want to connect. Music’s beauty is that everyone – regardless of genre, profession or bank balance – can take something from it.

Simply put a song on like a favourite piece of clothing and button up comfortably. Dare to be led, feel the music and let it whimsically take you where it will.

Post by Cartell Music 5/03/10