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Rock’n roll isn’t just a kind of music

Rock’n roll isn’t just a kind of music; it can also be a lifestyle choice: you rock one day, you roll the next. It’s a philosophy you can slip on like a leather jacket; the more wear the more comfortable the fit. For the last month or two, Cartell has been rocking’n’rolling with your best interests at heart; to provide you – our dear listeners – with a nice, fresh smorgasboard of music to listen to. If you can’t dedicate your days to traipsing the globe in the hunt for new music, just make sure you have a good friend who can.

So, let’s begin with rock: last month Cartell headed to Printemps de Bourges. France’s oldest music festival, it began in 1977 with a mission to showcase the country’s more eclectic, alternative sounds. Bringing together 80 shows and 200 artists, the festival’s other appeal is its picturesque setting; a city whose history dates back to the days of Julius Caesar, the Iron Age and Renaissance. If you delight in curious juxtapositions of sight and sound, time and place, old and new, this is the place to head. If one gig blurs into the next, from Moriarty and Yael Naim to The Do and Katherine, you know you’re just doing the rock’n’roll approach proud.

The roll end of the deal involved four days in Paris, peddling around the city on a bicycle and meeting with labels, bookers and band managers to hear what’ll be making waves in the European music scene over the next months.

And back to rock again: Cartell returned Down Under last week for Australian Fashion Week in Sydney, to mix a soundtrack for the Yeojin Bae catwalk show. So now it’s time for another stint of roll; this is the part where we bundle up the music we heard on our travels and get it to your ears as fast as we can. As the old adage goes, get ready to rock’n’roll.

Post by Cartell Music 11/05/11