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So Frenchy So Chic 2012

Cultural cliches can be hard to shift. The Spanish are famous for flamenco and paella, the Brazilians for samba and carnivals, Jamaicans for dreadlocks and reggae and the Russians for vodka and borsch. Following the same rules, the French are celebrated for the three ‘C’s: champagne, cheese and cinema, although for the past six years So Frency, So Chic has petitioned for another inclusion: for compositions — of the musical variety. Because, contrary to cliche, French music isn’t stuck in a sepia-tinged time-warp, it’s a complex melding of rhythms and influences from across France and its former colonial outposts: Africa, the Middle-East, the Pacific and Indian Oceans and Canada. From Parisian pop to song-catchers who traipse from Syria to the Seychelles, it’s one of the most vibrant, dynamic and diverse music scenes in the world. Which is why we’ve put together So Frenchy So Chic 2012, featuring the songs of Camille, Claire Denamur, Abd Al Malik and Meringue, Alcohol and Us — and more. Think of it as an entree into a new realm of musical possibilities. You need something to listen to when you’re enjoying your next glass of Champagne, after all.  



Moriarty – I will do

Cascadeur – Walker

Post by Cartell Music 6/12/11