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So Frenchy so chic in the park 2013

Call it Gallic hospitality but So Frenchy So Chic in the Park, Cartell Music’s annual summer celebration, follows the same rules: it’s a secret garden party designed to delight. This year’s line-up brought you a host of new names and talent, kicking off with crowd favorites Revolver, whose gentle foray into acoustic folk soon segued into feistier rock territory. Paris’ favorite electro-pop princess, Melanie Pain, struck a more languid note with a set of melodies laced by anecdotes of her path to stardom.

Act three, the intimitable Carmen Maria Vega, set a fresh pace with her electrifying take on grunge-meets-rockabilly. It was definitely time to have a dance on the pincic rug. She handed the reins to Melbourne-born Nadeah, who enchanted with a varied repertoire of tracks and tempos (the charmingly titled Pinot Noir and Poetry was a standout) from her debut solo album Venus Gets Even.

In between, there were puppet shows, face painting and siestas under the trees by the lake. There were hay bales, umbrellas, floral sundresses and sun hats with flowers in them. The icing on the gateau came with an encore featuring the day’s 20-strong musical cast. They all had fun, finding this picturesque little patch of Provence in Melbourne, and we hope you did too.

If you joined us on the day, find a reminder of festivities on our photo gallery. If you missed out, here are the reasons to join us next  year.

THE AGE  – The set-up (picnic rugs and sun umbrellas, baguettes and macaroons, French champagne and a sun-drenched lawn) is so alluring that patrons could be forgiven for spending the day lounging and grazing with the live music serving as a pleasant soundtrack.  But for genuine music fans, the four acts selected for this year’s event offered a fascinating glimpse into France’s thriving independent pop scene.  

BROADSHEET – So Frenchy So Chic in the Park was the perfect summer afternoon – a blissfully languid and unhurried day set amidst the sun-drenched grounds of Werribee Park.

THE MUSIC.COM.AU Scarlett-lipped ladies gliding by in floral dresses, heads lost in a sea of wide-brimmed hats, and acres of red chequered picnic rugs covering much of a lush green lawn on a very warm Sunday afternoon.

Post by Cartell Music 2/02/13