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The Dø – Shake, Shook, Shaken


The Dø, Shake, Shook, Shaken,

Shake Shook Shaken, the latest album from Franco-Finnish duo The Dø, was recorded in the countryside around Normandy under an 18th century water tower. But if you’re listening for meadows and birdsong in its tracks, you’ll have a tricky time of it. Recorded primarily with a laptop and a keyboard and inspired by comedy, manga and superheroes, it’s an album of hypnotic pop that slowly creeps up on you. Its makers describe it as being awash with tribal vibes and cosmic depths, but we’ll just call it a minimalist pop aesthetic that packs a real punch. Of its 12 tracks, each woven with Olivia Merilahti’s haunting voice, the one we keep playing over is Miracles (Go back in Time). More

Post by Cartell Music 14/10/14