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The Pied Piper

A great concert can feel like an exercise in time travel, taking you back to your teenage years, your first date with beguiling stranger, or an adventure to far-flung corners of the globe.

But a great band also cast moods like spells, seducing you into moments of gentle contemplation, wild abandon or intoxicating happiness.

That’s what Moriarty excelled at when they toured our shores recently with their wry, feisty repertoire of melodies. At WOMAD they incited audiences to sway, smile and muse in equal measure, while fellow festival entertainer Goran Bregovic tried a different tack altogether.

Better known as the Balkan Elvis, the gypsy maestro can make grandmothers, teenage girls and cynical music fans swoon alike. At each of his nation-wide gigs, he set the scene of a gypsy wedding one minute, a wild deathcar ride the next, and a spontaneous party in another breath.

At the Arts Centre, everyone danced – from the teenagers in conga line before the stage to the delighted elderly dears in the back row.

It’s impossible to beat that feeling when music finds its ways into your veins, pulses through your limbs and makes you laugh with surprise. There’s nothing to do but dance, and then, as Gregovic might say, try a Boogie Unca Woogie.


Post by Cartell Music 30/04/13