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March is world music month in our neck of the woods. Music lovers flock in droves to Adelaide for WOMAD, to relish four days of music from every corner of the globe, and those who don’t wait for its celebrated acts to tour locally. If you’ve never got your head around “world music”, no matter, the genre is largely redundant now anyway – and not the realm of tie-dyed hippies dancing to African tribal drums you might have imagined. In fact, you’d be stretched to find any tune that doesn’t draw on samples, rhythms or instruments from unlikely cultures or countries these days; snippets of “world” spice everything from contemporary pop and rock’n’roll to jazz, dance and beyond. There are also unexpected aficionados of global beats in the least likely places: take the Cat Empire’s Jumps for example. Aside from playing WOMAD, he’s also released Music Makes The World Go Round, his personal foray into the worldly – and otherworldly – sounds that tantalise his musical sensibilities. Why not be tantalised yourself? It is March, after all…



Post by Cartell Music 15/02/12