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Yael Naim – She was boy

A new recipe for overnight success entered the music industry a few years back and its main ingredient involved having your catchy tune picked up by a major corporation and turned into a soundtrack for all things cool and cutting edge in the process. For Feist, this meant recording a Sally Seltman song (1234) and having her career launched into a different hemisphere through an Ipod Nano advertisement. For Paris-born, Israeli-raised Yael Naim, it meant writing a song called New Soul and having it picked up by Apple to launch that nifty new gadget known as the MacBook Air. Three years later, Naim brings us her third album, the curiously titled “She was a Boy”, which delivers a posy of songs that reference both her heritage (born to Tunisian parents) and very universal conundrums: finding your way through everyday life. Its soulful lyrics travel on songs that emboider jazz/folk compositions with whimsical and exotic instrumentation: flute, cello, mangolin, charango, ukulele. It mightn’t feature a smash hit for the advertising industry, but you’ll find it good company regardless. And, like a new friend, it reveals itself in playful flourishes.

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Post by Cartell Music 18/08/11